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Who Will Join Me?

The process of natural selection had no particular interest in us after we reproduced ourselves, so body parts such as eyes and ears did not come with extended warranties.


Charles Bonnet and Illusions of Knowledge

In the 1970s a retired Swiss civil servant named Henri Bonnet started having hallucinations. This troubled him, a scientist by training who did not believe


Charles Darwin and Podcasts

Today was cold, raining, and windy. But it was a “walk day,” so I bundled up and headed into the blustery precipitation. As I entered my third mile, the path led away from the highway and the noise level lessened abruptly.


The Latitudes of Time

One of the pleasures of researching and writing a book is the discovery of topics that (1) are new and pertinent to one’s work-in-progress and


The Story Behind the Dedication

Probably not many books are dedicated to dogs.  Nevertheless, I dedicated this book to my dog Truffle, a Goldendoodle.  To explain why I did this,

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