there are no foreign lands

An Inquiry Concerning Intercultural Communication

This book tackles profound questions, such as whether or not diverse cultures can ever get along, and what leadership qualities might move us in that direction. Sheehan is not shy about presenting his own opinions and conclusions, but he does so in a way that provokes thoughtful consideration, not polarized antagonism.

Gregory K. Fritz
Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry and Human Behavior, Brown University.

Jeffrey A. Sheehan brings a unique perspective to the understanding of intercultural communication, its superficial differences, and more profound commonalities, after spending his life travelling to 85 countries, living outside the United States for two years, volunteering and attending educational institutions in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, and exchanging business cards with 13,464 people. In this book you will meet seventeen individuals who will inspire you and with whom you will quickly identify, despite the fact they were born in seventeen countries, speak eleven mother tongues, pursue seventeen professions, were raised in ten spiritual traditions, and prefer the seventeen cuisines that their mothers fed them. Sheehan has had adequate opportunities to observe at close-hand the best and worst of intercultural communication in action. Based on his observations and findings, he has come to certain conclusions on how we as humans might improve our communication and, as a result, work toward a more peaceful and harmonious global society. This book will change your perspective about the world and encourage you to revise your understanding of the dysfunctional word “foreign.” Never has a book like this been more needed in a world rent by dispute, war, and misery. Sheehan has found a pathway to reconciliation and repair of the global community.


An exploration of intercultural communications exemplified through the eyes and lives of 17
inspiring individuals from across the world. Meet them and know their story

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